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We offer high quality report writing services tailored to suit all needs. Whatever the type of report you need us to write, we can produce content that delivers your points expertly, to make a compelling case for you, whatever your needs. Some of the different types of writing services we offer are as follows:

General Essay Writing

Our writers are also excellent researchers. They are able to develop a solid, critical analysis that will secure your goal. We are adept with various referencing systems and can develop variety of professional essays or reports across a plethora of subject matters.

Marketing Report Writing

our marketing experts are able to assess the conditions in the market, carry out an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats faced by a new or existing business, and develop other key analyses such as PESTLE and Five Forces. This helps to devise an appropriate strategy to target the market.

HR Report Writing

HR report writing can be a sensitive matter, with difficult and sometimes controversial topics to address. Our HR writing talent is skilled with professional report writing covering topics as varied as grievance, remuneration, promotion, change management, efficiencies and others. We can also provide detailed analyses of statistics that shape a business case.

Strategic Management Report Writing

our writers are highly adept at
performing a wide range of different strategic analyses to enable enhanced
understanding of strategic options and facilitate sound short, medium and long
range strategic planning. Analyses we offer include but are not limited to TOWS
Matrix, VRIO Analysis, IFE & EEE Matrices, Benchmarking and Competitive Profile
Matrix. We also offer review and assessment of business sustainability and
competitiveness, to suit your every need.

Operations Report Writing

we understand that you need operations that are efficient and effective. Our operations reports enable you to build a robust and slick operation, and provide you with a detailed analysis or high level summary to with which to update suppliers, customers, business partners and shareholders. Complex decision making is facilitated through clear, proficient prose which highlights key points relating to production systems, inventory management, project management and others. We can also model and evaluate the global supply chain using a range of professional techniques.

Feasibility Studies

sometimes a comprehensive feasibility study is the only way to understand whether a concept will succeed. We conduct a well- researched feasibility studies that can assess potential solutions from different angles. This will clearly highlight the potential for achievement or, all importantly whether the idea could crash and burn. Either way, you’ll be assured of making sound investments.

Market Entry Reports

entry to foreign markets is fraught with difficulties
and many attempts do not even last a year. Our market entry report writing
service enables you to better understand the risk and how to mitigate this. Our
team delves into the finest detail, undertaking market assessment, business case
development and providing an implementation roadmap that allows a
significantly higher chance of success for your overseas endeavours.

Internship Reports

we have significant experience in drafting internship reports that cover all of the pertinent points in a concise and clear manner. Our reports frame the problem identified in the study, outline the study details and clearly articulate logical conclusions and recommendations.

Training Reports

we understand how undertaking the right training can vastly increase employee effectiveness and productivity. Our training reports can help you by providing detailed information regarding recommended providers and a summarised understanding of the benefits of different options for your employees. This enables you to make better decisions regarding your training investments.

Reflection Reports

reflection is an increasingly valued approach to
understanding reasons for success or areas for development. A depth of thinking
allows greater learning. Our reports enhance the reflective process enabling a
broader range of thinking about an area of learning. These reports may be used
for reference, or as evidence of reflective activity if required.

Mathematical Analysis

we understand that mathematical analysis can be
particularly challenging for those that do not have a mind for numbers. We have
considerable mathematics expertise allowing us to provide you with an extensive
range of analyses. These include the study of continuous change, differentiation,
inequalities, limits and more.

Survey and Interview Analysis

research is one of our specialties. We can
design survey and interview research and develop expert analysis of different
types of these to help facilitate an advanced understanding of your sample that
is both precise and accurate. Our survey or questionnaire logic, flow and clear
wording enables for more robust and meaningful research findings. We offer this
service for a vast range of different survey types including e-surveys,
questionnaires and telephone surveys among others.

PERT and CPM Analysis

keeping on top of project management can be vastly enhanced through using effective PERT and/or CPM analysis. We offer both types of analyses for your benefit. The Critical Path Method (CPM) in particular is especially useful for understanding how quickly your project can progress and the key milestones you need to meet to achieve a deadline.

Economic Research

whether you need micro or macro-economic analysis we
are expertly placed to help. Our economic research and analysis includes a wide
range of options to cover every conceivable need, such as company analysis,
industry trend analysis, cartels, duopoly, monopoly, GDP analysis and national
income analysis among many others.

Other Analysis

our extensive range of data analysis options also includes options such as Google Trend Analysis, Balanced Scorecard Analysis, and analysis using quality management tools. We commit to the provision of first class analysis in these areas, that will deliver you a vastly enhanced understanding of your data.

Case Study Analysis

in depth case study analysis is a key tool for both work and business decision making alike. Our proficient researchers and analysts can develop case studies to suit both needs. Our analysis helps to identify causal factors in the success or failure of a business venture, demonstrating core learning that can be applied practically.

Business Communication Template Presentation

compelling business presentations can make the difference between an audience being convinced or rejecting ideas and concepts. Our professional-looking business templates provide a solid basis for well-designed presentations sure to win your audience over. Creative designs and concise but convincing prose secure the deal.

Research Proposal Preparation

creating a winning research proposal requires a solid rationale, a firm grasp of theoretical frameworks and concepts and well written and referenced prose. Our professional writers can shape your research topic, providing you with a persuasive proposal that is sure to get the attention you desire.

Mid-to-Large Scale Research Reports

whatever the size of your research report we are geared up to help. Our mid to large scale research report writing offers extensive theory critiquing and thoughtfully developed data analysis that demonstrates robustly performed research. This leads to a conclusion that is well supported by the evidence.

Advanced Level Business Report writing

whether you need primary or secondary research carried out, we are poised to help. With a firm grasp of and extensive experience in utilising a range of different tools and techniques, you can be assured of a research report that is clear, concise and correct in all of its facets.

Report Proofreading & Editing Services

for the finest attention to detail our proof readers and editors can ensure that your writing is corrected for all typographical errors and mistakes in grammar, style and spelling. You can be assured that we will meticulously review your work and pinpoint any issues, resulting in higher quality prose.

Acceptance Essays

writing a captivating acceptance essay can make the
difference in securing a spot to your institution of choice. Our acceptance essays
highlight your key skills, achievements and abilities and the unique value you
offer to your preferred institution, securing a greater chance of acceptance or
interview to win a place.

SPSS analysis

we offer competent and advanced SPSS analysis. This
approach may be particularly relevant to you if you have a very large volume of
data that you need to make sense of. SPSS analysis provides statistical analysis
that more clearly demonstrates what your data means, rather than what you
think it means. This type of analysis can support any quantitative data study.

Basic and Advanced Excel Analysis

we are highly knowledgeable and
proficient in Microsoft Excel analysis at all levels. We can take your data and
analyse it using both basic and advanced excel analysis to extract meaning on
which firm decisions can be based. We offer the full range of statistical tools.
These include T- test, Z-test, regression, Co-relation and Gantt Chart. Through
these we prepare comprehensive quantitative analysis providing the facts you need to support your research.


skilled in Matlab analysis we can offer computation, visualisation and
programming analysis to offer solutions to difficult technical problems you face.
The outcome is a report that clarifies the data, helping to formulate a more
effective evaluation of a problem.

Basic Level Report writing on any management and technical topic

with a broad and far-reaching experience spanning many years, we have developed expertise in writing reports across a wide range of management and technical fields. Our reports offer detailed but concise prose that demonstrate the importance of different ideas, but benefit also from enrichment through the use of relevant images and graphs.

Project Management Report Writing

we know that keeping a project on track is all about good communication. Our superior project management skills and writing talent allows us to make use of Microsoft Project tool for preparing Gantt Charts, Scheduling, Network Diagrams, Critical Path, Resource Chart and Budgeting that support your project communication. If needed, our team also has expertise in project management calculations such as EV, PV, CPI, SV, EAC, TCPI, and VAC. All of this aids the critical communication needed with a diverse range of stakeholders to keep your project on time and to budget.

Literature Review Reports

we know that an in-depth literature review can
be a time consuming and challenging undertaking. We can help you by offering
literature reviews that critically analyse the latest theories and concepts on your
topic of research, comparing and contrasting views, and developing a
comprehensive report. This is sure to secure you with a better mark for your

Strategic & Marketing Auditing Reports

as every good business owner understands, a strategic or marketing audit can help to shed light on the current environment the business faces, to aid solid decision making. We can perform auditing reports and are well versed in techniques such as PESTLE, SWOT and stakeholder analysis, to provide a full strategic assessment of your business. With our recommendations in hand you will be better placed to propel your business to new levels of success.

Business Plans Preparation

a convincing business plan can allow you to gain investment or a loan to advance your business, while a poorly composed plan will be rejected. We can develop business plans in any sector, developing the depth of industry, market and competitor analysis that shows that your business is well conceptualised set up for success. We are equally able to offer the financial planning and analysis that support your business case.

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